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2011-05-01 20:38:44 by Skela

you are all fucking gay

2010-01-30 16:22:03 by Skela

you are all fucking gay

Brüno is my new favorit movie.

2009-07-13 00:29:48 by Skela

Brüno is my new favorit movie.

I am frustrated.

2009-06-28 10:22:08 by Skela

I've got several ideas for an epic 80's synth rock type song, that I badly wanna do with vocals, but I'm terrible at writing lyrics.


New ghostbusters remix out!

2009-04-28 20:08:06 by Skela

Check it out!

Ghostbustin' @ 140 bpm

New ghostbusters remix out!


2009-02-20 01:24:44 by Skela

I'm up for most projects/collabs, depending on whats it about.

First submission this year.

2009-01-19 21:36:55 by Skela /204895


2008-12-23 05:37:41 by Skela

Last song for this year: /197288


2008-06-16 01:48:53 by Skela

Its summer!
Go out, lay in the grass, have a swim, enjoy yourself!

if you dont believe me, just listen to this guy:


2008-05-23 22:47:58 by Skela

I got accepted to a new "folkehøgskole", where its basicly a free year where I do music stuff with other students.
Hopefully I'll meet some other talented people, and might record some stuff, I cant wait!